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What Tree is This?

Does anyone know what tree this is? It is 50-60 feet tall.

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Another Walk, More Surprises

At lunch, I thought I’d take the dogs out for another walk through my gardens and capture any more interesting snapshots.  I was delighted to find a third Monarch caterpillar!  I took pictures of all 3.  A few more steps … Continue reading

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End of August Garden Update

It is next to the last day of August.  In taking my dogs out for their morning walk through my gardens, I came across some monarch caterpillars much to my surprise.  I had to run back into the house for … Continue reading

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This Year’s Garden

This year’s garden wasn’t as good as years past.  The growing season started early, but for some strange reason I did not have the blooms I normally get. Over half my butterfly bushes never produced. Same with the hydrangeas.  Very … Continue reading

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