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When A Rescue Gets It Wrong….

Rescues are doing a wonderful job, and most appreciated, for saving so many lives in pet adoptions.  But what about times when one gets it all wrong… and the adopters suffer great pains….   True story to come soon….

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Visit New Page: Buttercup’s Journey

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What Tree is This?

Does anyone know what tree this is? It is 50-60 feet tall.

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Persian, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat :

I have a Master Certification for Website Design. Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania: Will consider trade. I will build a site for a purebred quality kitten (registered),looking for Persian Doll Face female either white… or shaded .. or chinchilla; Norwegian … Continue reading

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Doing Some Websites…

Doing some websites for a couple people who want to trade for me to build them a site.  They are getting a great deal because I work hard and put extra time into it and work until they have exactly … Continue reading

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Neon-ized Some Photos

Had some fun with some of my favorite photos of my pets, catching their essence. I just might make a website doing something like this!  

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Does anyone else have suspicious PetGuard Venison & Rice?

I’ve bought PetGuard Venison and Rice canned cat food for a long time.  Recently I got a case that was different from any  previous one. Two identical cans… same label: Here is a picture of what Venison and Rice looks … Continue reading

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