I Held a Hummingbird

Last night (before dark), Steve was closing up the garage and heard a buzzing. He looked around and found a hummingbird way up in the loft trying to find a way out through the roof. He called to me. We went up in the loft and the poor girl was so exhausted and weak, she flapped just enough to keep up in the air. She didn’t sound like a hummingbird, but more like a slower bee. 😦 I was able to catch her in mid air, so you know how slow she was going!

We came down and brought the feeder over to her. She laid on her back on my palm. I feared she was too far gone. I held her so she was able to put her beak into the feeder well. She did! And boy did she drink! Then she’d get tired and just lay her head down with her beak still in the hole. I’d lift my hand up and let her get her breath. We did that a couple times and I could feel life coming back into her body. She would ruffle her wings a little and sit up. Finally I opened my hand fully and off she flew! She flew up to a high branch with a whole lot more vigor than she had trapped in the loft. She left me a gift. 🙂 There was one small feather in my palm. I saved it.

I held a hummingbird. 🙂

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