What Tree is This?



Does anyone know what tree this is? It is 50-60 feet tall.

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Persian, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat :

I have a Master Certification for Website Design.

Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania:
Will consider trade. I will build a site for a purebred quality kitten (registered),looking for
Persian Doll Face female either white… or shaded .. or chinchilla; Norwegian Forest Cat female.. dilute calico with high white;
Maine Coon male…no color choice, just want him to be a big boy when he’s
all grown up. :-)
Also will do a site for a quality purebred pup (registered).

Message me with your proposal details.

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Doing Some Websites…

Doing some websites for a couple people who want to trade for me to build them a site.  They are getting a great deal because I work hard and put extra time into it and work until they have exactly what they want.  Customize their pics, etc.  Also, teach them how to add their own pics so they will save that money in the future.  I may post some printscreens here, for examples.


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Neon-ized Some Photos

Had some fun with some of my favorite photos of my pets, catching their essence. I just might make a website doing something like this!


Neonized Essence By Chris Bordner

Neonized Essence By Chris Bordner

Neonized Essence By Chris Bordner

Neonized Essence By Chris Bordner

In Memory of Butter

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Does anyone else have suspicious PetGuard Venison & Rice?

I’ve bought PetGuard Venison and Rice canned cat food for a long time.  Recently I got a case that was different from any  previous one.

Two identical cans… same label:

Here is a picture of what Venison and Rice looks like:

This is what came in one of my recent orders:

Both cans have the same label, but there is an obvious difference in food. Here they are side by side:

And here the foods are put together in a bowl to make the difference obvious.

All 24 cans in the mystery meat case were the same.  The *real* venison and rice was a can from a different case.

I tried emailing PetGuard from their website with both their email address for 2 weeks.  I contacted the vet listed on their website with my concern.  I called their phone number several times, no answer.  I’ve been keeping in touch with the online store that I bought the food from, as well as writing reviews to make other online stores aware of this problem.  I also filed a report with the FDA.

Right after emailing PetGuard that  I filed a report with the FDA, they emailed back to me and said this was the first they were hearing of any problem.  I re-sent my pictures and information on the bottom of the cans.  They found some cans with the same codes, opened one and emailed back that they did notice a difference in smell.  No mention of the color and texture difference.  They said they are sending me a couple cans 2nd day mail to see what I think of the cans.  At this point, I am unsure if they are sending me cans of mystery meat to verify that is what I have or sending me other cans that will be of real venison and rice.  No matter what is sent, if I got a case of mystery meat, then there has to be other cans/cases of them in the public domain to purchase.

The concerning part of this is, people usually buy the venison and rice because their cats may be allergic to fish, chicken or whatever.  These mystery meat cans with the venison and rice label could contain those foods and the result could be fatal if the allergic cat eats it.  I think there should be a high alert warning because of this potential.

I am waiting for PetGuard’s shipment, and then I will post what they sent and their reply to my observation of the food in the cans they send.  Until then, pass the word around to anyone you know that buys PetGuard, and especially PetGuard Venison and Rice canned cat food.

UPDATE (Sept. 27):  I received PetGuard’s shipment and opened the new cans.  Yes, they are of the usual pink-gray venison.  But that does not explain what is in the case of mystery meat and if it contains a protein/meat that could prove fatal to a cat with allergies to that specific protein/meat.  People need to be very cautious!

Here is a picture of the bottom of a can of mystery meat with a venison and rice label:

To see a video, opening a can of mystery meat with the venison and rice label: Video Opening Can or go to PhotoBucket PetGuard Food Problem .

I emailed PetGuard and asked them if they clean between runs, if maybe food from the previous run got into cans with venison and rice labels. I asked them the source of their food.. USA, New Zealand, or where?  I asked them why they took down their facebook page and no tweets on twitter in over a year?

I am not bashing PetGuard. If I didn’t think they had a good product, I wouldn’t have bought their canned cat food all these years.  BUT when a mistake is made, I’d like to see them be a responsible company that we can count on and investigate why this happened, let me know what meat is in the cans so I can deem if it is safe for my cats… let ME be the deciding factor in it being safe or not.

So many small companies have gone the way of selling out to the big guys and their products deteriorate with new formulas, etc.  I really don’t want to see that happen to PetGuard.  I’d like to see them stay a family operated business, but develop a 100% disclosure policy.  If they don’t get their food from the USA, then start.  They don’t have an employee for  good PR communications online … they need that. (Hire me!)

I’ll update after PetGuard responds to my new (several) emails asking if they found out what the mystery meat is and to send me a refund for the case.  So far… no replies.

UPDATE: October 1st, I sent an email to PetGuard asking about my refund, what they found out about the mystery meat in the venison and rice cans,  and that I was handing my case over to Call For Action . In less than 3 hours (the fastest response ever from them!) they said my refund was being sent and their technical department hasn’t gotten back with them about what was in the cans.

At this point, I am probably out of the loop now … with Call For Action taking my case, I no longer *own* it, and once I get my refund that might take away my right to inquire about the mystery meat any longer.  I don’t know, I ‘m just saying.

If anyone else finds mystery meat in their venison and rice…. definitely make the calls and send emails.  They asked if I knew anyone else with cans like this, so they do want to know.

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Another Walk, More Surprises

At lunch, I thought I’d take the dogs out for another walk through my gardens and capture any more interesting snapshots.  I was delighted to find a third Monarch caterpillar!  I took pictures of all 3.  A few more steps and I saw a Hummingbird darting around some Morning Glories that grew over some dead twigs.  I watched her and took a couple pictures as she enjoyed the flowers.  I usually take hundreds of photos each year of hummers at the feeder outside my kitchen window.  This was a real treat to be able to take a picture of one at my Morning Glories.  It has been a very good day.  :-)

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End of August Garden Update

It is next to the last day of August.  In taking my dogs out for their morning walk through my gardens, I came across some monarch caterpillars much to my surprise.  I had to run back into the house for the camera and then continue our walk.  I took several pictures of the colors/interests in my little gardens, to share.

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